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Meet the IIoT

The IIoT, differing from traditional remote visualization systems, offers a flexible and instantly scalable (serverless) system. It allows post-processing of data and the use of business intelligence, as well as the use of artificial intelligence on the data obtained to improve performance and optimize systems. 

Within engapplic’s Cloud Services, we can distinguish:

IIoT Systems

IIoT Sensors

Business Intelligence

AWS is our official partner for implementing lloT systems.

lloT systems capabilities

Learning from the data obtained allows the IIoT service to:

Generate forecasts.

Improve diagnostics.

Generate warnings prior to alerts.

Learn behavioral tendencies.

Engapplic defines 3 areas in  IIoT systems:


The technology of each device and/or machine is analyzed and the most optimal solution for processing the data is proposed.

In recent systems, one of the easiest ways to capture this data is through OPC-UA. via OPC-UA. Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP or MQTT.


It is responsible for linking machine data to the cloud. It has the ability to perform preprocessing and execute Cloud commands.

Greengrass: software in charge of sending and receiving MQTT topics securely with the Cloud (AWS – IoT Core). It is a modular software deployable from the cloud where you can implement, for example, the following modules:


Set of cloud services responsible for processing, monitoring and visualization of data with business intelligence and artificial intelligence.

Do I really need IIoT?

We propose different scenarios in which IIoT is highly competitive and beneficial to the company's cross-cutting objectives.

Maximize machine availability

If you have one or more critical machines or processes, it is vital to avoid unnecessary downtime for maintenance or malfunctions.

Guarantees production quality

There are some parameters that you must monitor and control to ensure production quality. The traceability reports that are generated automatically are useful for this purpose.

Control your systems remotely

In the case of systems that need to be controlled remotely, the IIoT enables unified management and continuous monitoring.

Offer IIoT in your products

The application of IIoT can provide a competitive advantage for many of the technology products that your company offers to your customers.