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Our solution for configuring, deploying, and monitoring IoT devices.

CopioT SaaS IIoT IoT

Take your operations to the next level: Optimize your efficiency.

Obtain easily everything you need to monitor, analyze, and improve your systems with data.

CopioT, our new software, allows you to connect, manage, and monitor devices with the cloud without the need for programming. Devices send data to the cloud and generate the services you need to obtain information, such as graphs, Business Intelligence reports, alerts and notifications, predictive maintenance, etc.


Safely store and visualize time-series information in the cloud. Access the information from anywhere, at any time.


Dynamic graphics that will allow you to see both live and historical information about your processes.

Business Intelligence

Reports that show you the most relevant KPIs, allowing an in-depth analysis of the data.


Generate alerts and notifications to act immediately when an unforeseen event occurs, minimizing the impact or damage caused.

¿Why CopioT?


times faster than doing traditional implementations, programming manually and deploying cloud architectures through consoles.


Connect any device, from any brand

CopioT offers you a catalog of devices that we expand according to our customers’ feedback.


Centralize, if needed, with any operating system

Re-capture, filter and communicate with the cloud with the gateway, or directly connect devices to the cloud.


AWS, Azure, with the security of the big cloud providers

At CopioT we work with a multi-cloud approach, initially supporting AWS and Azure.

What capabilities do I get by connecting my data?

Monitorización IoT IIoT

Monitor and supervise

Generate dashboards that allow you to visualize and analyze data, both in real time and in historical data.

Business Intelligence


Generate BI: Analyze, optimize and visualize key KPIs or values that allow you to make decisions.

Go ahead

Act before failure occurs. Reduces maintenance costs by avoiding unnecessary routines.

Inteligencia Artificial IoT

Artificial Intelligence

Train Machine Learning models with AI to optimize the processes.

Benefits of CopioT

El cloud

Forget about complex architectures and configurations

Select the Cloud you want to work in, CopioT generates the account, the credentials and the necessary permissions.

Activate what you want to do with the data.


CopioT generates all the necessary cloud services for you to create your graphs, reports, alerts, etc.

El gateway

Local (edge) computer that filters data and encrypts communication with the cloud. 


In addition, you can also make direct connections to the cloud from devices using technology such as NB-IoT.

Add, edit, delete. All in a few clicks, no programming required.


Enable and disable with a switch.

Easily edit the parameters.


With CopioT it doesn’t matter the brand or manufacturer.

CopioT provides you with a device catalog, but you can create and edit devices yourself according to your needs.

Standard devices

Devices with parameters pre-configured by the manufacturer:

  • Energy meters.
  • Robots.
  • Standard machine.
  • Standard sensors.
  • Others.

Custom devices

Devices with editable variables:

  • PLCs.
  • Microchips and microcontrollers.
  • Arduino.
  •  Customized machines.
  • Others.

Add, edit, select and delete values quickly and intuitively with a few clicks.

A natural, comfortable and easy interaction.


Enable or disable the scaling of each value. Select the scale with the slider or numerically.

Is CopioT for you?

Manufacturing and industry

Monitor processes:

  • Reduce costs.

  • Time optimization.
  • Traceability and quality.
  • Eliminates unforeseen events.

Energy and services

Visualize and manage:

  • Reduces consumption.
  • Optimizes resources.
  • Complete traceability.
  • Generates forecasts.

Consulting / Integrator

Increase your portfolio of services:

  • Industry 4.0.
  • IoT Consulting
  • Dashboards and BI.
  • Optimizations on AI.

CopioT benefits


Yes, from CopioT you can create, edit and delete projects. Each project has its own components (cloud, gateway, devices, etc.) and they are managed independently.

Yes, at any time we can transfer the account to your property, check the conditions with us. We are working on a modality in which the full management and ownership of the account is yours.

Currently, CopioT supports any device or sensor with Modbus TCP or OPC-UA. We are working to incorporate more protocols.

Yes, CopioT can be used to implement IoT systems in any industry. Agriculture, transportation, food, energy, etc.

Yes, CopioT already has an integrations section. In this section we will be adding the APIs most requested by customers. If you need a specific API urgently, please contact us to help you find a solution.

Excellent question! CopioT is a SaaS (Software As A Service). We are working on a pricing proposal that fits as much as possible to the needs of our customers. We hope to be able to announce the cost of CopioT shortly.

We will be happy to hear what kind of proposal would best suit your needs:

  • Pay per user.
  • Pay per connected device.
  • Pay per available or used services.
  • Pay per uploaded data.

We want to be honest, we are thrilled.


In 2024 we want to change the way the industry connects its devices to the cloud.


In September we launch the first release, we want you to try it.


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