We design customized embedded systems

There are several cases in which an embedded system is the most optimal solution.

If you need a solution with specific dimensional characteristics.

If you are looking for a cost-optimized solution for series production of a product.

If you need a solution with combined technologies, such as integrating a proprietary technology into an entire system.

If standard systems do not meet the requirements. For example:

What do we offer?


Custom hardware




Programming of IIoT Cloud
applications and systems. 

Engapplic offers three levels of embedded solution:

Use of standard hardware

Hardware certified to offer a high-performance, cost-optimized solution solution with high performance and optimal cost, with customized firmware and software:

1. Industrial system, with 10 years of availability.
2. Analog and digital signals.
3. WiFi communication, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN, as well as other industrial communication buses.
4. IIoT capabilities.
5. Displays for industrial environments.

Hybrid solution

Shield/Carrier Boards designed specifically for the application, as well as custom firmware and software. This is the optimal solution for systems with low unit demand, but high demand on customization or performance.

Complete embedded solution

In this case, the control systems are 100% integrated in a single hardware. This solution makes it possible to optimize the obtained solution to the maximum. However, these systems are interesting when the number of units to be produced is high, or when the demand for performance is completely unattainable with standardized systems.

Other embedded services

Currently, engapplic also offers embedded solutions using other technologies such as Raspberry Pi Industrial when the needs of the project require it.

Proprietary systems

Engapplic will present in 2022 an embedded product with its own technology, seeking to offer to its customers an optimal quality-cost ratio solution to connect machines and devices to the cloud in a simple and efficient way, with the guarantee and robustness of an industrial system.

Learn more about our case studies to see different examples of systems implemented by engapplic using embedded solutions.